Working like a fashion designer since 1999 in Russia and Europe.

Was born in St Petersbourg, Russia, “Olga Boyarinova” fashion house was founded there in 2006 and became pretty successful.

Creative collectionsof prêt-a- porte de luxe have been shown to public since – Metamorphoses, Playing Cards, the Fairy tale , Oblaco, Sin City, Silk Architecture, Maison de Pret and Ink-a-Porter - not only anticipating tendencies of the upcoming seasons, but also demonstratingexcellent cut and quality of tailor ‘s work.

Presented creative collections in St Petersbourg, Moscow, Paris and Geneva

In Paris also successfully participatedin MeMy exhibition at 2011.

Have finished Muhinsky hight school, passed training in Fashion house Torrente Haute Couture in Paris and worked in Petersburg as the designer for some famous brands.

The favorite materials to work with are silk and leather. The special attention is given to production of man’s suits , both classical and the most non-standard. The premium quality of the produced clothes wouldn’t be complete without class lux fur.

The special signature of the artist is painting on the silk – here art is becoming fashion. Painting on the clothes and accessories brings to the unique pieces inimitable individuality.


2007 St. Petersburg state art and industrial academy, Master in Fashion design, diploma with honors. 2002 Internship in “Torrente Haute Couture” Paris.

Professional Experience


2000-2002 2002-2004



1999-2000 Fashion designer at “Fetish” LTD. Production of men`s and woman`s pret-a-porter, selling in boutiques “X=Act” and “Dom Mode” in St.Peterburg.

2000-2002 Fashion designer at “Atelier”(individual production of couture dresses and costumes).

2002-2004 Fashion designer, marketing director at “Casino”LTD. Production of woman`s pret-a-porter, selling in own fashion stores at St.Petersburg and Moscow.

2004-2006 Fashion design free lancer (private couture sewing, creating collections for companies “Extra”(Russia), “Ulita”(Russia), “Imperia”(China), textile buyer in Italy for Saint-Petersburg.

2006-2017 Fashion designer, director and owner of “Olga Boyarinova” fashion house. Production of pret-a-porter de lux men`s and woman`s clothes, individual couture sewing, creating couture collections.

2013 Creation of a new line of exclusive painted silk "O.Boyarinova".

2014 Creation of a new line of t-shirts "COUIC!" to support Wild Nature.
2014 Creation of costumes for Big Drama Theatre of St. Petersburg

2015-2017 Starting new line of Hand Painted T-shirts, creating couture collections, developing looks and creating costumes for pop singers and private clients.

Personal Fashion Shows & Expositions

2008 “Metamorphoses" fashion show, historical building of Makarov academy St Petersburg, Russia.

2009 "Playing Cards” fashion,Yamaha music center building, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2009 “SkaZka" fashion show, historical book shop building, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2010 “Oblaco" fashion show, historical space of Lenizdat, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2010 "Sin City” fashion show,Art space 11, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2011 "Silk Architecture” fashion show, Hotel Particulier rue Jean Goujeon, Paris,


2011 MeMy exhibition, Bourse du commerce, Paris, France.

2012 “Exclusive" fashion show , boat Triptice, Moscow, Russia.

2013 “Maison de Pret” fashion show , hotel Sokos, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2014 Premiere of piece “Erendira” for the Big Drama state theatre, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2015 Presentation on the opening of EVARTSPACE concept store, Geneve, Switzerland.

2016 “Life painting”, gallery EAERTH, 35 Rue Matignon, Paris

2017 “Fashion&Painting;” Apache Concept Store, Megeve

2017 “Fashion Show&Life; Painting” White Club, Luxembourg
2017 “Rock it” fashion show of Hand painted t-shirts collection,Le Senat 1970, Geneve, Switzerland

2017 “Art & Fashion” fashion exposition in “Gallery 21”, Saint-Germain, Paris


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