Sin city… sex, agression, crime. It’s a war… Nobody talks high – empty promises soar in the air, everyone is sinful… Cruelty surrounds us. it gets inside. There is no to simple kindness from novels here. The richest and most influential people find haven for themselves in the sin city... It’s difficult to see who is who... Everyone’s faces are hidden behind the masks, they are all playing role. Masks, leather, metal. Not a game for children. It’s not children’s game. The American Indian culture has got into the images of people of the sin city. Thin as the border between legal and forbidden , leather is covered with metal. But any ornament and sign matters for the warrior American Indian drawings executed in metal are openly sexual and often aggressive. There is no romance. Everything is crystal clear. Silk dresses “are connected” by leather cords and are riveted with metal. But in the same time thin leather cord on dresses repeats American Indian ornament. We feel the shaman spirits flying.