The anatomy of a female image has always interested Olga Boyarinova. This anatomy contains female plasticity and flexibility. It is a science to protect an escaping femininity; an ability to create the necessary images, correctly and competently using the female force and energy. It’s the smile of Mona Lisa, internal harmony and beauty. The inspiration for the collection came from the architecture of the beginning of the XX-th century. Dialogue of fashion and architecture has reached its peak at the end of XIX – the beginning of the XX-th century, time of the modernist style, and then art deco. This epoch has rendered a great influence on the collection. Architects of that time – Peter Behrens, Henry van de Velde and Frank Lloyd Wright – experimented with the design of women’s wear. It was the epoch of the simple forms deprived of the decor of buildings with open plans and fluid spaces. We see ever so delicately bared female body. Nothing screams too much, and each piece keeps us intrigued. All silhouettes are improbably womanly, decorative accents add to the beauty of a woman’s body. In her new collection Olga Boyarinova used structural elements along with magnificent streaming fabrics to reveal the essence of femininity.